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unfinished and perfect

Taylor 20.

Vegetarian, Art Major, metal head, modifications of all kinds. I love all kinds of self expression; working on my career and my future.

unfortunately....My heart is bigger than my chest.



DIY Comic Book Jeans first seen at Fashionably Geek. These were made by Kirameku (facebook link) for her Boarderlands’ costume. You can see the final costume on her FB page. She used Textilcolor paint and then thinned it for the “watercolor” shadowing seen in the bottom right photo. She says she may post a full tutorial and if she does I will certainly post a link here.

all year round autumn/halloween blog!

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The Good Vibe Clothing

Check out the Good Vibe collection on www.thegoodvibe.bigcartel.com

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Welcome to America where everyone is equal except everyone

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I don’t sleep naked anymore because looking at my body depresses me to the point where I cry I hate this

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I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me

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